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Diki International Exports has some of the most experienced packaging personal, some of our packing staffs are with us from inception’ experience ranged from 15 to 20 years.Our boys have experience in packing items from most fragile to heavy industry based. Every item is important to us as it does to our customers. We use high quality materials available in the market. We categorize the items and pack it smartly to avoid unnecessary weight and the freight charges.

No matter big or small, heavy or light all the shipments has to go through the same procedure. Diki charges a minimal fee for these entire group of service provided. Competition and comparison of the rate and quality of service, counts on these bunches of job provided by such industries.

Below are the defined services Diki offers.

1. Collection:

After the orders are placed, suppliers take a promised time frame to finish the order. Once the order is completed, these suppliers contact our packing manager for the pick up or in some cases we pack at the very manufacturing unit. Then the packed goods are either brought to custom clearance with the documents prepared at our office or in case of consolidated shipments, it is brought to our ware house and then release for the custom clearance with the rest of the goods packed at our warehouses. This is our initial services which readies the shipment to leave.

2. Packaging:

Packaging has a great role and it determine the quality of work we provide. Damaged goods arrived, ends up in the trash. We value our client’s goods. Every piece handled and packed with care.

Woolen items are mostly packed in the jute bales and squeeze it to its maximum to avoid the volumetric weights.

Incense, books, and most of the semi fragile items are packed in strong cardboard boxes.

Damageable and scratch prone  items like GOLD plated statues, singing bowls, breakables like potteries, glass items are bubble wrapped and then packed into the wooden box made out of plywood boards. However we categorize the items and group the items in separate boxes.

Cloths, bags and any goods made from cloth material are carefully folded and pack in Strong card board boxes.

3. Custom clearance:

After the packaging, everything is set to go for the final custom clearing procedure. All the goods are loaded in our trucks and taken to the designated customs such as Air shipments are taken to Tribhuwan International Airport, Air cargo custom section, Sea shipments have to pass through Birgunj dry port and should be go through  custom checking. Every shipment has to be accompanied by a complete set of documents. Then officer counter check the documents which contains details  of the shipment referring to the packing list supplied. Once the export fee paid  the clearance certificate is issued.

(IMPORTANT: Import fee or the import agent fee incur at the clients custom is clients responsible)

4. Bookings:

 Though, Diki has the best knowledge of availability of the airlines and the best promotional freight cost if there is any at the particular time of that shipment. It is however client's choice to choose the airlines he or she prefers.

5. Communications/correspondent:

Once the shipment is cleared , Diki informs the client about the full details of the shipment, and the update of the EDA and any information related to the shipment.